Morgan Hill Cabinetry

In 2010, the trend to offer value engineered custom fitted cabinetry and millwork became an industry challenge.  Victoria, principal of Morgan Hill Home, faced that challenge head on when she created Morgan Hill Cabinetry.  Having designed and engineered custom cabinetry and millwork for over fifteen years for local artisan woodworking shops, Victoria’s resources were plentiful and the outcome was a true success.  Morgan Hill cabinetry line offers affordable goods without compromising construction quality or fine fitted finish.  By designing and purchasing direct, Morgan Hill removes the barrier and financial burdens that are incurred when purchasing third party goods through brick and mortar shops.  Morgan Hill Cabinetry currently has four custom woodworking shops dedicated to manufacturing the Morgan Hill visions and standards.  Though we recommend you take advantage of their in-house delivery and installation services, it is not necessary if purchasing through the trade.

You are welcome to visit our design studio in Bryn Mawr, PA.  The studio is outfitted with Morgan Hill Cabinetry and Millwork and proves a beneficial resource for the distinction and creativity of your project.